10 Feb 2016

A Home for Max

“A Home for Max,” tells a story that is all too familiar — the plight of homeless animals. LifeLine Animal Project, an organization that cares for over 15,000 homeless animals in DeKalb and Fulton Counties each year, teamed up with a group of artists, led by Jim Bowhall, to create this project to draw attention to the plight of these animals and perhaps give them the same chance as the hero of our tale, Max. LifeLine focuses on finding homes for animals and ending the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals in Atlanta. At Magick Lantern, a pet-friendly environment, those goals are close to our hearts, so we were elated to be a part of the team behind “A Home for Max.” Jim Bowhall, Magick’s Vice President & Creative Director, wrote and directed “A Home for Max.”

Jim has very personal reasons for wanting to lead this project.  “Two years ago my Golden Retriever of 12 years passed away, and that loss really shook me,” Jim said. “I spent the better part of a year dealing with that. I had this dream one night that he was taking me all over town showing me his favorite spots, talking to me. I turned that dream into ‘A Home for Max.’ Turning a loss into motivation to get out there and tell a story of how much our lives are impacted by the unconditional love of a pet seemed like a great way to move past the pain. I cannot thank all of the people who helped bring this vision to life enough; the support was overwhelming.”

John Peterson was the film’s colorist. John works with Resolution’s specialty long-form post division, Moonshine Post-Production.

“A Home for Max” stars Jason MacDonald and Desi, a dog that Jason saved after Jason’s neighbors abandoned him. Jason has been involved with LifeLine since 2009.

Check out the full list of contributors below. Click here to learn more about LifeLine.

  • Crawford Media Services — Production Company
  • Benjamin Franzen — Executive Producer
  • Jim Bowhall — Writer/Director
  • Larry Robertson — Director of Photography
  • Tom Rittenhouse — Editor
  • Jason MacDonald — Actor
  • John Peterson — Colorist
  • David Jeremiah — Max VO talent
  • Kelly Casting — Casting
  • PC&E and Changing Images — Equipment