30 Oct 2015

The Haunting of 750 Ralph McGill

Resolution Media & Television is located in the Old Fourth Ward – one of the oldest sections of Atlanta. Our building, located at 750 Ralph McGill Blvd, was built in 1949. We don’t know the building’s entire history, but something spooky must have happened here, because it is haunted.

No, really. There have been items moved, strange noises, even sightings.

ResGhost1 Employees and tenants have reported that their belongings move when they’re gone. For one, a toy kept falling. The toy was kept high on a shelf, high enough that you would need to stand on a stool or chair to get it, and kept behind another toy. The one in front of it should have ended up on the ground, too, if it had just fallen off, but it never did. It was just that one specific toy, always found in the same spot.

Creepy, right? It gets creepier. One morning, Joe & Lisa heard the ghost. “It was early, really early, maybe 5 a.m. and I was here to open the stage,” says Lisa, “I was in the foyer when we heard the footsteps in the back hallway. So, I went around the opposite way to open the stage.”

Joe went to check out the sound, though. “No one else is supposed to be here, so I ran to see if anyone else was in the building. We were alone.”

Well, sometimes things fall and old buildings make noises, right? But the ghost of 750 Ralph McGill has actually shown himself! A former employee reported seeing the ghost near the sound stage as he prepared for an early morning shoot. He described the figure as a grey shadow, but definitely in the shape of a person.

ResGhost2Mona has also had an encounter. “I saw the ghost upstairs after an event, maybe a Christmas party. I went upstairs to turn out the lights. As I turned around, I saw this shadow run across the hallway, but I know no one else was there. It was eerie. I got major goosebumps. Not my first ghost encounter, but definitely scary. That was probably ten years ago and it still gives me the creeps.”

Joe got an even better look . “This was maybe three and a half years ago. Back when the ListenUp Audiobooks studios were here. I was here late, closing up, walking down the hall toward the stage to turn the lights off. My head was down, but you know when you can just feel someone in front of you? I felt that and looked up. I saw this – it’s hard to describe, because it’s not like the movies where someone is just kind of transparent – but it was an old man, standing sideways, wearing a suit. I don’t know how long I stood there staring, probably 10 or 15 seconds because my brain was just scrambled. I couldn’t even process what I was seeing. But then he started to turn his head toward me and I was just, like, “no.” and got out of there. I left the lights on and everything.”

So who is our ghost? “I always imagined him as kind of a civil war soldier or something,” says Mona, “I think this building used to be a warehouse, though, so maybe something happened here.” Maybe we will find out the next time the ghost shows himself.