27 Apr 2016

Magick’s In-House Editor Kevin Thomas nominated for 2016 BAFTA

JIHAD: A Story of the Others” earns Kevin Thomas a nomination in the Current Affairs documentary category

Join us in congratulating Magick Lantern’s own in-house editor Kevin Thomas. Kevin has been nominated for a BAFTA for his work on the documentary “Jihad: A Story of Others.”

Emmy and Peabody Award-winning Deeyah Khan directed the documentary. Her production company, Fuuse, also produced it.

JIHAD examines radicalism from the inside, investigating what it is like for a westerner to be drawn in. The documentary’s goal is to understand what draws some young, Western Muslims toward violent extremism. As Khan searches for answers, she meets modern British Muslims, who face discrimination and rejection, both by mainstream society and within their own communities and families. The documentary shows their anger and alienation, but also their hope and possible solutions to complex problems.

Darin Prindle, a producer at Fuuse and a former co-worker of Kevin’s, was instrumental in getting Kevin involved with the project.

“I had worked with Darin years before I came to Resolution and it was a great experience, “said Kevin. “So when he and Deeyah contacted me and asked me to come to London to edit their documentary with them, I was excited for the opportunity. Working in London was such a great experience and I believe that the work is really important – especially now.”

Kevin is an editor and compositor who can take static storyboards and bring them to life with animation and motion.  Kevin has created hundreds of projects for both CNN and HLN, including a Behind the Scenes Special for the new show: Gisele & the Green Team, featuring supermodel Gisele Bundchen.  He has created whole promotional packages for CNN’s Election Coverage, and he has done extensive work with Cartoon Network.