23 Nov 2015

Talent Feature: Rod Munoz, Motion Graphics

Today we are featuring Rod Munoz, our Senior Motion Graphics Designer, and one of the most recent additions to the Resolution family. Rod is an award-winning post production specialist who has designed multi-platform content for over a decade. He brings a wonderful energy and personality to our team.RodSuiteImg

Rod, tell us a little bit about your motion graphics career so far.

Well, I started in Miami, with the Latin Music industry, producing commercials, EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), and music videos for artists like Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Gilberto Santa Rosa. Then I moved to Atlanta. I was at Crawford Media Services for 11 years, where I worked with AT&T, Verizon Wireless, the United States Marines, Belk, Coca-Cola, Ford, and more.

What is it that you enjoy about motion graphics?

I love the ability to tell a story with digital art. And I love the freedom it gives me to express my imagination and creativity. There is a lot of variety in the work I do, in terms of the projects – from small signage banners to 1920 x 1080 broadcast commercials and in terms of clients. Between the variety and the strict deadlines, I never get bored. 

What is something that may surprise us about you?

I never went to school. I’m self-taught, so there were lots of late nights trying to figure things out.

What have you been working on recently?

I worked with Georgia Lottery and AT&T recently. I also designed the new Resolution logo and branding.