19 Mar 2018

Little Teeny Tiny Itty Bitty Weeny …Fish

Last fall the Tennessee Aquarium approached us to create a holographic installation in their new exhibit centered around Nonpoint source pollution in our rivers and steams. Jeff Worley at the aquarium guided us through the process of building an installation and wrapped us right into his team. Using the Dreamoc XL3 as the display for the holographic tank, we set out to make an animated riverbed, overlayed with graphics and animated fish and insects to teach kids and patrons about the dangers of our environment on our precious rivers and streams.

Jim Bowhall and Travis Overstreet worked on creating the fish and insects, Rod Munoz built the environment and composited the assets for the final animaion. “Working with the Dreamoc was actually very easy. At the heart of this device is a really simple effect that looks awesome floating in space” says Jim Bowhall VP and Creative Director for Magick Lantern. “We had to work within limitations of color, space and 2D/3D tricks to make some things work, the hardest part was matching the holographic world up against the real rocks that fill the bottom of the tank. We spent hours aligning and gluing those rocks into place, taking great care to match up every surface from all angles. It was the craziest 3D puzzle you can imagine.”

The final animation has been installed at the Tennessee Aquarium and can be seen as part of this ongoing exhibit.